12th Man in Roma!

Last night a group of us ventured over to Abbey Pub in Rome decked out in our Seahawks gear to stake our claim on some tables in time for the 12:30 am kickoff. With no Seahawks gear in tow, I had to make do with sparkly green eyeliner and some blue and green jewels that I stuck onto my cheek… had to get in the spirit somehow.



The 12th man spirit is everywhere, and I’m glad we could bring it to Rome! We proudly stood and sang the National Anthem as the bittersweet feeling of being in Rome during the game overcame us. We enjoyed the American Superbowl tradition of beer and junk food as we watched the Seahawks win the title of World Champions.

Although we were given this little reminder, we couldn’t help ourselves from being those loud, obnoxious, fans (sorry Abbey Pub).


I can’t imagine how excited everyone in Seattle is now with the Seahawks taking the title in a 43-8 win in our first men’s championship title since ’79.

Can’t wait to get home to San Fran and rub it in my parents’ faces that my favorite team won. Sorry pops, I know you’re ashamed.

Meanwhile, back at home…


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