Last week we went on our first class trip to Milan, one of the biggest fashion capitols of the world. The train ride there flew by as we toasted with our pink plastic cups filled with mimosas and munched on salami, cheese, and crackers.



After a day of relaxing, we took off to a Japanese restaurant recommended by Ali’s cousin. We were so happy to be eating something different that we didn’t mind the long walk and getting lost in the pouring rain when we finally found this restaurant (seems like getting lost is a regular occurrence here).




The next day, we ventured along the streets of Rome to check out the “saldes.” Fortunately for my bank account, I only came out with a top from H&M. So much for exploring Italian fashion. Then we escaped the snow to find the intricate Duomo di Milano sitting across the street from the main shopping area. We wandered past huge stone columns and beautiful stain glass windows to reach the crypt where popes from the 1500’s were embalmed and put on display in their best robes. Their exposed hands were enough to send chills down my spine in the dark basement of the duomo. The scent of formaldehyde didn’t help much either.
Image We sped out of the Duomo a little sick to our stomachs to find this interesting monument…

1607087_10153826972790427_1755869660_nAfter a day of exploring, we were ready to get dinner before experiencing Milan night life. We ended up at an Italian restaurant recommended to us by Marisa’s boyfriend who had studied abroad in Milan. We walked through a seemingly empty restaurant only to be led downstairs to an outdoor tented area where the restaurant came to life. It was here that I had the best gnocci I’ve ever tasted. It was covered in creamy pesto and just melted in my mouth. Paired with a bottle of the house red wine, this was a great, relaxing dinner with the Trastevere girls.

1796658_10153826969625427_946332045_nThe trip was short, but we were all eager to get a weekend of rest at home before the big Superbowl game!


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