Día de los Enamorados

Every year, February 14th rolls around and I kind of groan and grumble and make myself busy with things that aren’t heart shaped and pink. But, this year was different. I spent my day with five of my good girl friends on a beach in Barcelona with absolutely nothing to be bitter about. Plus, our lunch on the shore was pretty darn romantic if you ask me. I had my favorite Spanish dish, Paella with seafood, and it was even better than I remembered it being from the last time I had it.



After lunch, we went on a romantic stroll along the boardwalk and tried to catch some much needed sun rays before heading home to rest in preparation for a night out.


After way too little sleep, adrenaline carried us through the day as we prepared for a night out at Opium. We made our way back to the beach where this club’s back deck was located. With a black stamp on your wrist, you were permitted to exit the club onto the beach and return as you wished. I definitely took advantage of it, spending half of my night in the cool outdoors on the deck. It was definitely a day for the books.




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