Más sangria por favor

I know I said I fell in love with Paris, but I believe you can fall in love multiple times… after all it was Valentine’s Day weekend. Barcelona stole my heart from the moment I stepped out of the airport and realized I could speak a language I somewhat knew. It was fun being translator for once! Hillary, Lizzie, Ali, Alexis, Marisa, Josh, Trent, Ryan, and I arrived in Barcelona late Thursday night and hopped into our cab to our hostel in the popular area of Las Ramblas. The squeals of excitement when we realized our hostel was literally next door to Topshop AND Starbucks were embarrassing, but hey, we’ve been a little deprived. We stepped out of the cab into the warm night and made our way up to unpack and get ready for dinner. By this time it was 10:00 and we thought there was no way we’d be able to make it out that night to the clubs, but we soon learned that 10:00 is dinner time, and clubbing doesn’t start until about 2:00 am. Have I mentioned I love Barcelona? Dinner that night was a refreshing break from pasta. We got something MUCH healthier…… nachos, sangria, and a piña colada.

1779772_10153861924470427_329558626_n1095028_10153861924545427_918582654_nOn our way home, we stopped by a corner store to pick up some candles and mini cupcakes to surprise Ryan and celebrate his birthday away from home before we headed to the club, Bling Bling. I think we got him good 🙂




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