Not all those who wander are lost

My roommates Hillary and Lizzie took off to explore Prague for a weekend leaving me in an empty Treehouse. So, I thought I’d take the weekend to explore a bit of Rome. I wandered past a couple bridges and the Vatican and arrived at Castel Sant’Angelo. 

“Built around 123 AD as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian and his family, Castel Sant’Angelo has an unusual destiny in the art-historical landscape of the capital. Whilst all the other Roman monuments are overwhelmed, reduced to ruins or caves. Bare materials to be recycled into new, modern buildings, the Castle – through an uninterrupted series of developments and transformations that seem to slip into each other seamlessly – goes for nearly two thousand years the fate and history of Rome. From funerary monument to fortified outpost, from dark and terrible prison to the beautiful Renaissance mansion that sees active within its walls Michelangelo, prison Risorgimento museum, Castel Sant’Angelo embodied in solemn spaces Romans, the mighty walls, in the magnificent frescoed halls, the events of the Eternal City where past and present appear inextricably linked.”

Translation from the Castel Sant’Angelo website




Walking a bit past the Castel, I spotted a cute little cafe with books piled high. The name was fitting, “Biblio Bar.” Situated next to the Castel in a sunny park, this looked like the perfect place for a mid-day break. They had tons of English books you could read while you were there, but luckily I remembered to pack my own for this very occasion. I ordered a glass of wine and sat in the sun to read for what seemed like 10 minutes. I had just started reading about the sources of happiness explained by the Dalai Lama when I looked at my phone and realized an hour had gone by.ImageI was off to my next destination, Via Cola di Rienzo. As a little bit of a shopaholic, I did some research on the best places to shop in Rome. This is apparently where the locals go, so I headed over to take a stroll in the sun and look at some shops. Nothing says solo day like wine and shopping.


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