Villa Borghese


On a hot winter day in Rome, Hillary, Lizzie, and I began the trek to the Borghese Museum for a class tour. An hour later, we finally spotted a lush green patch and walked down the path where a man sat and played the accordion in the trees’ shade. 



We learned about the many sculptures and paintings, but the one that caught my attention most was Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne. The life-sized marble structure can be seen differently from different angles, but Bernini meant for it to be viewed side on so that the viewer could see the facial reactions and body movements of both Apollo and Daphne simultaneously. The sculpture depicts “the chaste nymph Daphne being turned into a laurel tree, pursued in vain by Apollo god of light” (Galleria Borghese).

After touring the museum, a few of us ventured off to find a bite to eat before tackling the giant park ahead of us. We came across a nice Lebanese restaurant and chowed down on some food I was missing from home. Fresh salad, hummus and warm pita bread, and kufta.



We made our way back to the park to bask in the rare Rome sun and check out the viewpoint our professor, Karen, mentioned was a must-see.



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