Dining with Clinton

Walking down the main street in the busy old part of Naples, we were on the hunt for a very specific pizza: the one that Bill Clinton ordered, because that must mean it’s delicious. We passed by the humble pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria e Friggitoria, without a second glance the first time down this street and then had to back track to find it when we realized we’d gone too far. There was no extravagance that made us think this was why Clinton chose this place. We walked into the small pizzeria only to be led upstairs into a huge sitting area where all fifteen of us would fit. The pale green walls were covered with awards, articles, and photos with Clinton.

We sat down to order from a menu of endless types of pizza, but only that (Trent ordered the “lasagna” only to find out that it was a lasagna pizza). Wafts of the smells from the kitchen came through the room with a power to make you think you’re starving even though you are absolutely not. An older woman took our orders and sped back to the kitchen to get to work. Lana and I ordered a Margherita pizza con prosciutto to split. The waiters were busy running around and trying to balance pizzas while also watching the futbol game, so everyone at our table had already finished eating by the time Lana and I got our food. But I instantly forgot my annoyance when it appeared. The thin slightly charred crust was topped with tomato sauce, fresh melted mozzarella cheese, basil, and small chunks of ham sprinkled on top. It was well worth the wait.





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